Dear Family and Friends,

The Friendship Circle has always been very important to my family and me. As far back as I can remember, we have spent time and raised money to support its amazing programs. LifeTown, the Friendship Circle’s state of the art facility, provides children with special needs practical and recreational skills so important for their future growth and development. While the Friendship Circle certainly makes the lives of kids with special needs and their families better, it also provides amazing opportunities for the entire community. I can tell you firsthand that it is really awesome to be at LifeTown and be a part of it all. So, it makes perfect sense that I recently found myself in the playground at LifeTown, thinking about what we could do to make it even better.

Basketball has always been my passion and an outlet for me. It seemed natural that my Mitzvah Project would combine two things so part of who I am. In honor of my becoming a Bar Mitzvah, I want to build an outdoor basketball court at LifeTown. I know, as well as anyone, how important it is to get your energy out through sports. Physical activity and learning to be a part of a team are very important life skills for every kid.   It helps improve motor skills, personal relationships, develops self-confidence, and teaches athletic and sportsmanship skills which are so important to kids with special needs.

In lieu of gifts, please help me make this happen for the kids of the Friendship Circle by accessing the link below.  Together we can make a difference.

Looking forward to celebrating with you in January!