Let’s come together to raise awareness for adults with disabilities!

Dear Family and Friends,

Just ask any parent of an individual with special needs what they want to see from their child.  Among the many answers one can receive, a consistent theme of a smile and happiness from inclusion.  As a result, in honor of my Bar Mitzvah, we are helping the Friendship Circle at LifeTown launch a program for adults with disabilities.  This program aims to foster interaction amongst adults with special needs and provide them with a place to learn, have fun, and smile!  My goal is to raise money, specifically for the LifeTown Adult program, so it will be fully equipped with everything needed for a successful experience.  We are eager to invite all to volunteer (parents and children).  Each group will be paired with an adult with disabilities and have full access to all the wonderful amenities that LifeTown has to offer.  Please come and join us!      

Date:  Sunday December 15 2019.  Event time: 1:00 p.m. Children under 16 must come with one adult and arrive by 12:15 for training.    Adults with disabilities:  21 and over and must come with one adult.

 Please email:  Bernsteinlauren@yahoo.com to sign up.

Thank you for your support!

Spencer Bernstein