Dear Family and Friends,


The past months have been incredibly difficult for our brothers and sisters in Israel and for Jews everywhere. In the post 10/7 world, I’m particularly  moved by the idea that “we will dance again.” Dance has always been my passion and my personal outlet. It does so many different things for different people. It can improve motors skills, foster personal connections and develop self-confidence. It also gives people a way to express themselves when it can be tough to do with their words alone.


In honor of my becoming at Bat Mitzvah I want to enhance and finish building out the dance studio at LifeTown with various new features aimed to brining joy to children with special needs.  Ill also be spearheading a new dance program both at Friendship Circle in New Jersey and at friendship Circle in Jerusalem. 


The Jerusalem program will cater to Bat Mitzvah- age girls with special needs, as well as those who have been displaced since 10/7. For the children in israel it will offer a therapeutic outlet, allowing them to channel their emotions into positive energy through dance and music. We are planning to host  join live dance party here at LifeTown and in Jerusalem.  M hope is that this event will bring happiness and joy to many other Bat Mitzvah girls during these difficult times and reinforce the idea that  “ we will dance again” to girls who y sometimes feel doubtful. In lieu of gifts, please help me make this dream possible for the children of Friendship circle in both New jersey and Jerusalem. Please contribute generously at


Looking forward to celebrating with you in June!